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Vipdens 2000

Vipdens 2000

The Vipdens 2000 is a 7 colour reflection Densitometer ideal for use by printers who wish to read the full range of measurement functions including density , dot gain, dot % and trapping.

Measures Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and for hexachrome- Orange, Green and Blue/Violet density, density difference, grey balance and special colours, along with dot gain, dot %, trapping, hue error, greyness, etc.

This unit also has an in built colorimeter / spectrophotometer function and can measure LAB, Lch and Xyy spectro functions for use with colour management and colour matching software.

A conventional colour Densitometer ideal for the testing of all measurement criteria. The units multi-spectral LED optical system enables measurement of density up to a Dmax of 2.5 and dot measurements 0 – 100%. The RS232 ports allow connection to a printer or our software programs VipTab, VipStat, VipSplit and Colour Picker. Values can be stored, analysed or entered directly into spreadsheet software.