The Vipdens 130(T) is black and white transmission/reflection (or transmission only) Densitometer for use with image setters. Testing the output and for calibration of film and bromide.
Measures Density, Dot %, Neg. % of film/bromide.
Usually purchased as a package which includes the 130A stable light source which enables accurate and repeatable measurements and its design allows infinitely large pieces of film to be analyzed..
A conventional Densitometer ideal for the calibration of image setters. The units optical system enables measurement of density up to a Dmax of 6.0 in transmission and dot size of positive and negative material to an accuracy of +/- 1%. It can be used to measure all types of screening (e.g.. stochastic) and the RS232 ports allow connection to a printer or our software program VipTab, so that calibration values can be stored or entered directly into RIP software.